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He Shall Have Dominion (Kindle format)

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He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology

Latest edition (Third edition: Revised and Expanded)

618 pp.; Kindle format (available elsewhere on this website in hard copy)

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In Solomon's glorious Psalm we find a prophetic pledge that Christ "shall have dominion from sea to sea." And he promises this gracious worldwide victory of the Christian faith in time and on earth "while the sun and moon endure" (72:5) and despite the existence of those "enemies" (72:9) who would "afflict" and "oppress" (72:2, 4).

Under the gracious sway of his gospel, Christ will cause "the righteous to flourish" (72:7) and bring "peace to the people" (Psa. 72:5). Resulting from this righteousness and peace will come "abundance" and "flourishing" prosperity in all the earth (72:16). Ultimately, "all nations [will] call him blessed" (72:17) so that "the whole earth [will] be filled with his glory" (72:19).

Such is the postmillennial hope. Christ will return after millennial conditions prevail upon the earth (hence, post-millennialism), not before them (as in the popular pre-millennial system). The millennial blessings arise under the influence of the gospel, not because of Armageddon.

Though many evangelicals today are concerned about being Left Behind before the future collapses into absolute chaos, the postmillennialist is optimistic that He Shall Have Dominion throughout the earth. Rather than adopting "I'll Fly Away" as their anthem, postmillennialists prefer "Onward Christian Soldiers."

In this book you will find the whole biblical rationale for postmillennialism, from its incipient beginning in Genesis to its glorious conclusion in Revelation.

This is truly a new edition. In it I update a great many of the biblio-graphical references and add newer ones in order to make the work more current. Though I drop many of the older references, I do not drop them all in that I want to interact with some of the more important ones. I intend to offer the best of both worlds: analysis of classic works, as well as interaction with contemporary contributions. A secondary benefit of this practice is to let dispensationalists know that despite their "plain and simple" method of interpretation, their system keeps changing, thereby demonstrating things are not so "plain and simple."

I also give more attention to amillennialism than in previous editions, though I still deal more extensively with dispensationalism. In upgrading my amillennial critique I employ the more recent works by Robert B. Strimple, Vern Poythress, Dennis Johnson, Robert L. Reymond, Cornelis Venema, Kim Riddlebarger, and others. The amillennial presentation has changed over the years, moving from a more exegetical approach to a more theological one. I critique both approaches.

For the most part this edition adds new material, with each chapter undergoing significant expansions. I would especially note that I significantly lengthen the three chapters considering objections to postmillennialism ? partly in order to handle more amillennial objections. I would also point out that I have re-titled the Appendix on hyper-preterism in that I greatly expand my critique in order to include exegetical as well as theological concerns regarding this aberrant movement. Though this heterodox movement continues to grow, signs are appearing that it may be coming apart at the seams. Their continual patching of new material on the old garment is making matters worse. I hope to loosen a few of its threads myself.


Chapter 1: The Significance of Biblical Eschatology
The Importance of Eschatology
The Meaning of "Eschatology"
The Priority of Scripture
The Philosophy of History
The Implications of Eschatology

Chapter 2: The Purpose of This Treatise
Postmillennial Information
Postmillennial Exposition
Postmillennial Vindication
Postmillennial Exhortation

Chapter 3: The Pessimistic Millennial Views
The General Millennial Idea
The Standard Millennial Positions

Chapter 4: The Postmillennial System
A Definition of Postmillennialism
The Confusion Regarding Postmillennialism
The Origins of Postmillennialism


Chapter 5: The Revelation of Truth
God's Word is Inerrant
God's Word is Powerful

Chapter 6: The Covenants of Redemption
Covenantal Scripture
Covenantal Obligation
Objective Blessedness

Chapter 7: The Hermeneutic of Scripture
Literalism and Prophecy
Preterism and Prophecy
Israel and Prophecy


Chapter 8: Eschatology and Creation
The Edenic Expectation of Victory
The Post-Fall Expectation of Victory

Chapter 9: Eschatology and Anticipation
Anticipation in the Patriarch and Mosaic Eras
Anticipation in the Messianic Psalms
Anticipation in the Prophets

Chapter 10: Eschatology and Realization
Inauguration of the Kingdom
Application of the Kingdom

Chapter 11: Eschatology and Expansion
Dominion Commanded
Dominion Assured
Extension Guaranteed
Cultivation Encouraged
Function Specified

Chapter 12: Eschatology and Consummation
The Second Advent
The Resurrection
The Final Judgment
The Eternal State


Chapter 13: Eschatological Time Frames
The Seventy Weeks
The Dispensational Interpretation
The "Last Days"
This Age / The Age to Come
The "Imminent" Return
The Millennium

Chapter 14: Eschatological Features
The Day of the Lord
The Great Tribulation
The Temple's Rebuilding
The New Creation

Endorsements and Comments 

"I am often asked for a recommendation on a book on Postmillennialism. I can't recommend this book enough by my friend, Dr. Ken Gentry. If you are interested in a fair and thorough discussion that addresses all of the relevant Scriptures and engages with the most rigorous arguments against Postmillennialism, then you can't do better than this. Btw, if I was you, I would buy the hardback."

Jeff Durbin (Apologia Radio)

"A masterful classic."
Joseph C. Morecraft, Authentic Christianity, vol. 5; p. 629.

"I read this book some years ago and used it as a major resource as I taught verse by verse through Revelation. It is an amazing book and truly thank God for it. It was part of the process of getting a biblical view of eschatology. I just started to read through it again. The fact that postmillennialism makes sense makes it all more exciting than the confusion of Dispensationalism. Thanks!" Gregorious San Thomas (Ontario, Canada)

"I am gratefully indebted to the exegesis of Kenneth Gentry, Jr."
Keith L. Mathison, Postmillennialism

"A thorough presentation of this position."
Cornelis Venema, The Promise of the Future

"One of today's leading advocates of a preterist interpretation. "
Francis X. Gumerlock, The Early Church

"Gentry has offered the most exegetically impressive case that anyone has made so far."
Gary North

"Everything a postmillennial catechumen needs. Masterfully brings all the various aspects of the debate into focus."

"THE BOOK to give to one not convinced. Exegetically based, ethically balanced."
The Christian Standard

"Highly recommended."
Contra Mundum

"Gentry is probably today's leading advocate of postmillennialism."
Sola Scriptura

"The most biblical, insightful, common-sense eschatological treatise in print."

"This is the best work on postmillennialism that has ever been written."
Reformed Covenanter


Reader comments:

This is the irrefutable text book on postmillennialism. In 1995, this book changed my life forever. A word of caution, however, my circle of friends was greatly reduced after reading the book. But, my Christianity was greatly encouraged and strengthened. The state of affairs our world finds itself can cause the strongest of Christian faith to seemingly shrink. But, for the postmillennial believer, none of it means a hill of beans. The governments of this world attempt to wage war against The Lord and His anointed, but our God sits in the heavens and laughs! Psalm 2."
Kent Bergeron (New Orleans)


Timothy S (Utah)



I am really thankful that I came across your book “He Shall Have Dominion” several years ago. God used that book to introduce me to theonomic ethics and postmillenial optimism, and it has benefited my Christian faith.


I hope you write a lot more books. You are a fantastic writer and a great speaker. Perhaps in God’s plan I will get to meet you someday. I would love to hear your first hand accounts of the glory days of theonomy.


C.J. (Oakland, CA)


I got to meet Greg Bahnsen in December of 92; he spoke at a men’s retreat for Chatsworth Christian church. I recall (at that Christmas retreat) that Greg was talking about your upcoming book, “He Shall Have Dominion”, saying it will be the best treatment on eschatology to date, even though he hadn�t read the book yet, he said he knew the man, “you”. I would personally still agree with Greg Bahnsen, even through we are into 2011. I love that work of yours! And have read it three times! I use it like a reference book. Keep up the good work, and God bless you!

D.S. (Concord, Calif.)


I am a reader of your works and am a big fan of He Shall Have Dominion. I must say that this book showed me that postmillennialism is an orthodox and biblical interpretation. God bless!

A.S. (Recife, Brazil)


Thank you so much for researching and writing “He Shall Have Dominion.” It is the definitive and comprehensive book on an eschatology of victory. God has blessed me dearly by this work and I take great comfort in the power of the gospel to save and conquer sinners for Christ. Please keep up the good work and service for the Lord that you do.

D.D (Chattanooga, TN)


My wife and I greatly appreciate your writings. We have just finished “He Shall Have Dominion” and thought it was tremendous! Thank you for your work.”

B.P. (Michigan)


I first read your book, He Shall Have Dominion, in the early 1990s. It was the first book I had seen with all the answers in one place whereas for the prior 10 years I had to read multiple sources to come to the same conclusions! Thanks for your helpful work.”

D.S.P. (Iowa)


Several months ago I ordered from you the “He Shall Have Dominion” book and I am continuing to thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve read several of the chapters many times over (your organization of the material makes that very easy to go specific areas) and I have been greatly encouraged by your presentation of this eschatology of hope.

I found your writing style to be very modern, meaning you are very clear and fluid in your argumentation – it has been an absolute pleasure to read it in the evenings when I have finished with my regular obligations. I thank you not only for the content you bring forth, but also for the craftsmanship in your prose. Keep up the good work!

J. H. (Cottonwood, CA)


Your He Shall Have Dominion is the most pivotal work in forming my eschatology. Praise God for your labor in His kingdom!

L. B. (Virginia)


I just want to thank you for your contribution to eschatological studies. I was a “dyed in the wool” dispensationalist until about two years ago, when a friend of mine challenged me with the question of whether Jesus was lying or just confused in Matthew 24:34. I had learned the standard dispensational interpretations of that verse, but I had begun to see other holes in their eschatology and, frankly, had begun to get tired of their hopeless view of the Church. You see, I had started to read the Puritans and other Reformed writings some years before, and the two views just don’t jive. Now I had a choice to make and I wanted it to be a biblical one. That was when I discovered your books: The Beast of Revelation, Perilous Times, and He Shall Have Dominion (Now going through my second reading). I really appreciate your sound approach to the Scriptures and I have become newly committed to doing my part to carry out the Great Commission.

Thank you.




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  1. I really recommend this book. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2021

    I am still reading the books while I write this review, but after spending the last days reading it I can say it is really a very good book. The arguments are clear and easy to follow, sometimes you can face some hardness if you are not used to some biblical texts. But the book is astonishing. I plan to read it again, but this time in a slow pace. I really recommend this book.

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