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Book of Revelation Made Easy (book) (by Gentry)

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The Book of Revelation Made Easy:
You Can Understand Bible Prophecy (Second edition)

157 pp. Paperback.

Second edition. This is the latest edition, which is expanded and contains some important changes regarding the millennium passage in Revelation 20 that resulted from deeper research into Revelation.

This book is an extremely valuable introduction to Revelation. It is designed with the average Christian in mind. The material arose from years of lectures on Revelation in conferences and in a college setting, as well as while researching a full-length commentary on Revelation.

Do you have questions about how to discern the overarching message of Revelation?

Do you currently understand the general preterist approach to Revelation, but would like
help in showing family and friends what it is all about?

Are you looking for a good book for a small Bible study or Sunday class?

Do you have a dispensationalist friend depressed over missing the latest prediction of the Antichrist, and you
want to console and instruct him?

Do you enjoy watching dispensationalists squirm? :)

Then this book is for you!

In this brief work you will discover an in-depth study of Revelation 1:7 as the theme of Revelation. You will see how it points to the AD 70 judgment of Israel for rejecting ("piercing") the Messiah.

You will also learn how Jerusalem aligned herself with Rome to persecute Christians.

You will find how John consoles the first century saints by providing them with one important glance into the distant future, showing that their Christian faith is here for the long run (Rev. 20).

You will read documentary evidence showing that Revelation was fulfilled in the first century destruction of the Temple, which concluded the old covenant economy and closed out the typological worship in the temple.

In this brief work, the Book of Revelation is "made easy."


1. Expectation and Interpretation
2. Literary Theme and Flow
3. The Beast and His Fury
4. The Harlot and the Bride
5. Key Judgments and Their Meaning
6. The Millennium and the Resurrections
7. The New Creation and the New Church
8. Conclusion

Reader reviews:
I never paid any attention to Revelation because it was not understandable to me. After reading this book, Revelation not only made sense, was exciting, but also deeped my faith.
Super book! — Jim

This book really clarifies everything in Revelation. After reading it, you will hit your head with your hand and say: "Oh! I get it now! How did I not see that?" — Jay Scharfenberg

This book changed my mind about popular views of Revelation. Keep in mind this information does not challenge any critical doctrines of the Church, but merely challenges relatively new views of the Book of Revelation. Using the Bible backed by well documented historical accounts, Gentry completely reveals the meaning of the Book of Revelation. Very impressive. — M. Weber

This is a great resource for helping one to better understand the book of Revelation. Well worth the money! — Nancy Hopper

Nice to read a book that was written with some sensible answers for a complex & controversial subject! — Janice

This book is a revelation in itself.  I was so excited reading it that I practically underlined the whole book. I loved that the author backed up everything with other scripture instead of man-made conjectures. — R. C. M.

Love your insights. I finally feel like I understand Revelation Darren (England)



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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent Basic Introduction 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2015

    Today the eschatological culture in America is enamored with fanciful interpretations of the book of Revelation. It is difficult to break through the fog of current event interpretations based on preconceived theologies to a truly biblical exegetical understanding of the symbols of this book. Kenneth Gentry has done this work in a very accessible way. Revelation Made Easy is the best introduction to the message of Revelation I have read. I have given copies to many members of my congregation who are interested in an approach that is faithful to the text and the traditional Reformed hermeneutic that Scripture must interpret Scripture. I recommend this book as a must read for anyone who wants to begin a study of Revelation as a corrective to the common contemporary approaches that lead to more questions and puzzles than answers.

  2. Great hermeneutic handbook! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jan 2014

    Dr. Gentry does a great job of sticking to the goal of providing a simple, brief treatment on how to interpret Revelation. I appreciate the book as much for what is NOT in it, as for what is in it. Gentry avoids criticizing other views, and just presents a strong case for his own view. I am looking forward to the publication of his exegetical comentary.

  3. Great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2013

    Your work has had a great (understatement) impact on me

  4. Revelation finally makes sense 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2013

    Just finished your book: "The Book of Revelation Made Easy." (Excellent book by the way.) Revelation finally makes sense. :) Can't understand why this is not preached from pulpits! I have been a Christian for approx. 45 years (now 52 yrs. old) and I have always felt there was "something" missing in my understanding of prophecy. There is an ignorance of the historical facts related to the fall of Jerusalem as recorded by Josephus and other historians. I am trying to understand why this is avoided in church discussions of prophecy. It was a necessary event and basic to understanding Revelation, Daniel and other prophecies…. How, for so long, have so many explained away words like "will happen in this generation" "soon to take place" "time is near" "Behold I am coming SOON" etc….. I find it very strange.

    I have decided I will not sit in another Bible study of Revelation that takes the literal (absurd) stance of Revelation. They are missing the true beauty of the book in my opinion!

  5. Thrilled with your works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Mar 2013

    I have been thrilled with all your works and am thankful how God is working through you. I am 35 yrs old and was raised with a Plymouth Brethren background, but my family has ended up attending fundamental Baptist churches. My elder brother became Covenantal and Calvinistic in college and educated me in these areas. I enjoyed looking up your references in your writings such as The Book of Revelation Made Easy; they are all so strong that I felt I should type them all out together. I found many more as I read the Word in light of your view. I could not rest until I compiled them and this is not even close to being a comprehensive collection. Thank you again

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