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Revelation Commentary Update (Nov 30, 2020)


January 7, 20021

Thanks for your interest in my Revelation commentary titled: The Divorce of Israel: A Redemptive-Historical Interpretation of Revelation. I completed its research and writing in early 2016 and submitted it to the publisher at that time. It will be a two-volume set of a little over 1800 pages.

The publisher is Tolle Lege Press. Due to the size of the work (two volumes, totaling 1700 pages), its complexity (deeply exegetical; voluminously footnoted; technical use of biblical languages; and so forth), and the unexpected reduction of Tolle Lege's staff, it has taken them much longer than anticipated to complete.

However,in October 2020 they had someone come on board who is helping kick-start the whole process. Jay Culotta is a computer-savvy typesetter who is using InDesign to complete the layout of the text of volume 2 by inserting the editor's recommended changes, corrections, and so forth. Volume 1 is being worked on by another gentleman. They hope to have it completed in the first quarter of 2021.

This is an enormous project with a lot of tedious editorial corrections that are required. Most of the inserts involve co-ordinating style issues, especially in footnote matters. Please keep this in prayer. I had hoped to have it out before the Rapture.