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Revelation Commentary Update (2019)


Thanks for your interest in my Revelation commentary titled: The Divorce of Israel: A Redemptive-Historical Interpretation of Revelation. I completed its research and writing in early 2016. It will be a two-volume set of around 1800 pages.

The publisher is Tolle Lege Publishers. Due to the size and complexity of the work (deeply exegetical; voluminously footnoted; technical use of biblical languages) and the reduction of staff, it is taking them longer than anticipated to complete.

In July 2019, they notified me that they did not meet their deadline of completing the layout and proofing by the end of Spring. In response to my late June (2019) inquiry, I received this message from one of the Publisher's officials, who is overseeing the project:

"It’s a massive project. It’s being diligently worked on as quickly as possible to avoid doing a poor job. It’s taking a lot of time to get through editing, proofing, updating. Every week a new section is completed. Last I sent an update they were nearly finished with the first volume completely and partway through the second."

The publisher is now in discussions with another publisher to co-publish it. Unfortunately, the other publisher cannot get to it (if at all!) until June 2020. This grieves me. I encourage you to pray that the other publisher would come on board to finish this lingering project, which will be my magnum opus.

In the meantime, you might appreciate two introductory works to Revelation that I have written: The Book of Revelation Made Easy, which hits the high points of Revelation, explaining the fundamentals of its preterist interpretation. Navigating the Book of Revelation, which focuses on several key issues of debate in the preterist interpretation of Revelation. They are available at my website: KennethGentry.com.

(Updated 12/22/19)