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About Kenneth Gentry

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. is Research Professor in New Testament (Whitefield Theological Seminary), a theological writer, conference speaker, and a retired Presbyterian pastor, .

This site offers "Serious Studies for Serious Christians" in a broad range of theological and exegetical issues from a Reformed theological perspective. Some of the key issues for which I have educational materials include: Calvinism, reformed theology, Presbyterianism, eschatology in general, postmillennialism, preterism, the Book of Revelation, theonomy, six-day creation, presuppositionalism, predestination, lordship salvation, infant baptism, the Christian worldview, Christian education, the Christian and alcohol, and more.

I have produced in-depth materials critiquing and rebutting dispensationalism, Hyper-preterism, the framework hypothesis, paedocommunion, exclusive psalmody, annihilationism, and other popular theological abberations.

Because of my interest in promoting the Christian worldview, I also offer a Christian writing correspondence course: "Righteous Writing." This course is designed to train you in reading techniques, research method, improving writing style, securing a publisher, and techniques of book promotion. Writing well can be an important means of promoting the faith in the marketplace of ideas.

I am a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.A., cum laude), Reformed Theological Seminary (M. Div.), Whitefield Theological Seminary (Th. M.; Th. D., summa cum laude). I also attended Grace Theological Seminary for two years, while a dispensationalist.

I am the Director of GoodBirth Ministries, a non-profit religious educational ministry committed to sponsoring, subsidizing, and advancing serious Christian scholarship and education. For more information on his conference and research ministry please see the GoodBirth Ministries website. You will also find some helpful eschatological questions answered under the page titled "Questions & Answers."

I am a retired minister holding my ordination vows in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Assembly.

I have published scores of articles in various periodicals including: Tabletalk, the Chalcedon Report, Westminster Theological Journal, The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Christianity Today, Christianity & Society, The Banner of Truth, The Presbyterian Journal, Contra Mundum, Christian Statesman, Evangelical Beacon, Ordained Servant, The Fundamentalist Journal, Pulpit Helps, The PCA Messenger, The Freeman, and Antithesis.

I have written several books on eschatology, including The Beast of Revelation; Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation; He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology; The Greatness of the Great Commission: The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World, The Book of Revelation Made Easy, Olivet Discourse Made Easy, Postmillennialism Made Easy, and Have We Missed the Second Coming: A Critique of the Hyper-preterist Error.

I am the editor and a contributor to Thine Is the Kingdom: Studies in the Postmillennial Hope. This includes articles from older writers such as B. B. Warfield and J. A. Alexander, as well as contemporary writers Keith A. Mathison, William O. Einwechter, and Jeffrey Ventrella.

I am a contributor to three eschatological debate books, two from Zondervan and one by Kregel: C. Marvin Pate, ed., Four Views of the Book of Revelation (Zondervan); Darrell L. Bock, ed., Three Views of the End of History (Zondervan); and Thomas D. Ice and Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., The Great Tribulation: Past or Future? (Kregel). I have contributed a chapter to Keith L. Mathison, ed., When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism (P & R).

I have also published other books on a variety of subjects, including creation (As It Is Written: The Genesis Account: Literal or Literary?), abortion (The Christian Case Against Abortion), the Christian view of wine drinking (God Gave Wine), salvation (Lord of the Saved: Getting to the Heart of the Lordship Debate), biblical law (God's Law Made Easy; and Covenantal Theonomy), predestination (Predestination Made Easy), as well as a composite work on a variety of subjects important to Presbyterians (Nourishment from the Word: Studies in Reformed Theology).

I lecture widely, having been a featured speaker in over 100 conferences throughout America, in the Caribbean, and Australia. I am available for conference engagements on a wide range of subjects. I may be contacted at: KennethGentry@cs.com.

I may be heard from time-to-time on Christian radio and television programs. I have spoken on the following programs, to name but a few: "Janet Parshall's America" (Washington, DC); KKLA (Hollywood, CA); "Iron Sharpens Iron" radio program with Chris Arnzen; WMCA (New York City); "Bob Dutko Show" (WMUZ Detroit); "Diann LaBoone Show" (WLFJ Radio Greenville, SC); "The Peggy Denny Show" (WGGS-TV Greenville, SC); KJSL (St. Louis); KGBI (Omaha); BNN Network (Savannah), WNIV (Atlanta); "Peter Weissbach Show" (Talk Net Radio), WHCB (Bristol, TN); WPMH Radio, Chesapeake, MD; "Cross Talk Program" with Rich Agazzino (KBRT Costa Mesa, CA); "Janet Mefferd Today" radio program; "On the Mark" (Mark Gillman, WMUZ); "Steel on Steel" radio program with John Loeffler; Pilgrim Radio with Bill Feltner; KORE Radio (Eugene, OR); KNEO (Missouri); "Andy Andersen Live" WMCA (New York City); KCSI (Seattle); Kerby Anderson's "Point of View" radio talk show; "Knowing the Truth" radio with Kevin Boling; and many others.

My wife and I have been married since 1971. We have three grown, married children, who are all conservative, Reformed Christians. We also have six grandchildren -- two of whom are left handed (but we are not talking about that).

For more information on my various ministries, I may be contacted by e-mail at: kennethgentry@cs.com